Redefining Fitness

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I have no intentions of selling you dreams through this book, and I’m not going to promise you that you’ll get fit by purchasing this book, and YOU WON’T… unless you FOLLOW what’s written in the book, understand it and willingly change your lifestyle and be consistent with it, you’re not gonna get fit.




Do I really need to buy this book??

Well, I’ve got a few questions for you:

Don’t want to use supplements, mass gainers or pills??

Don’t want to spend hours at the gym??

Don’t want to go extreme with the weights??

Don’t want to eat 10 meals a day filled with chicken breasts and egg whites??

Don’t want to cut food from your diet and survive only on protein??

If you’re answer is YES…

Good, I didn’t want to do any of that either and that is why I designed my own workouts and diet.

This book is not a get fit in ‘x duration’ promise

MZXFITNESS was designed for people who do not want to get in to full time bodybuilding or spend their day lifting weights and drinking protein shakes. A lot of people have misconceptions about workouts, nutrition, weight management and the foods they need to eat to manage their weight.

Our book, redefines fitness clearing the myths and misconceptions about exercising n dieting and helps you build strength, stamina, endurance and of course get in good shape

Follow the information in this book and stick to the diets and workout plan and you’ll start seeing changes overtime.


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