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    Diet Plan – Pro

    No fancy or trendy diet. Diet designed purely based on your metabolic health, calorie expenditure & requirements.

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    Personal Trainer

    Female Personal Trainer

    Internationally Certified Female Personal Trainer

    Trainer specializing in weight loss, weight gain, posture correction, toning, strengthening, postpartum training. 

    12 Sessions a month ( 3 days a week) 


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    Fit Squad 1- Group Training Sessions

    Train in groups that have similar fitness goals as yours. Let the vibe of training together and healthy competition help you push your limits. Motivate each other and get fit together with our group training sesssions. 

    6,000/- per head, per month 

    *4 people required for a group *

    The group doesn’t extend above 4 members in order to give attention to all members

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    Fitness Consulting , Personal Training


    Get a complete fitness assessment, ask all your doubts related to exercise, nutrition and overall health & well being.

    Talk to our fitness expert about your fitness goals and the best course of action to achieve them. 

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    Combat Training Program , martial arts training


    Learn Combat Training, Martial Arts & Self Defence from professional, experienced coaches

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    Workout program and Diet Plan

    MZX FitO2 Workout Program+ Diet Plan

    Get completely customized workout programs and diet plans made according to your current fitness level and fitness goals, upgraded as you progress.

    2 custom made workout programs and diet plans, each one for 2 weeks.



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    Fitness Consulting , martial arts training

    MZX Redefine

    Redefine yourself, experience the true meaning of fitness with training that helps you get fit, build muscle, burn fat, build strength, agility, flexibilty, foucs and body control. 

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    Fix Posture, Restore Movement And Function 

    • Sports Physiotherapy.
    • Rehabilitation and Pain Management.
    • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.
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    Fitness E-Book

    Redefining Fitness

    I have no intentions of selling you dreams through this book, and I’m not going to promise you that you’ll get fit by purchasing this book, and YOU WON’T… unless you FOLLOW what’s written in the book, understand it and willingly change your lifestyle and be consistent with it, you’re not gonna get fit.

  • Fitness E-Book

    Redefining Fitness Sample

    Get a sneak peek of our fitness E-book for free.

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    Personal Trainer

    Trainer X1

    12 session a month ( 3 sessions a week) by Internationally Certified Trainers.

    Build strength, speed, stamina, power, endurance & of course a great physique.

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    Personal Trainer

    Trainer X2

    12 sessions a month (3 sessions a week) with Diet plans & Nutritional Guidance by a Professional Trainer (Entire Month)