Let’s face it, in today’s day n age you don’t need to turn 70 to start having knee pain… one can start experiencing knee pain even in their mid 20s too.

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This is because of our inactive lifestyle, long hours of sitting and lack of moving around, reducing mobility in the joints and making them weak.

In this blog I’ll tell you about some of the causes for knee pain, how to reduce or avoid knee pain and have healthy knees.

  • Hyperextending the knee:

Hyperextending or locking the knee joint is a practise that people do while standing. Standing with your knees completely locked out in this position causes the knee to extend beyond its natural range and causes tissue damage. Continuing this for long may sprain or rupture the ligaments.

The fix: When standing, even for 10/15 mins, make sure you’re not hyperextending your knees, keep your legs straight and your knees soft, let your quadriceps * (your thigh muscles) bear your weight.



  • Sitting for long hours:
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When you’re inactive for an extended period, you may experienc knee pain. Sitting for a certain length of time can lead to fluid build up in the knee joint causing swelling and makes your muscles and tendons to stiffen, this can cause pain & discomfort making it hard to walk or move around freely.

The fix: Don’t sit for long hours, try to move around and stretch in regular intervals. Try sitting in a squat position for a few mins during work or while watching TV or reading a book, or reading this blog:)

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  • Bad Footwear:
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Wearing high heels, or shoes that are too tight can change the way you walk and disrupt your weight distribution and balnace.

Wearing shoes that have a high arch causes your feet to turn outwards, putting a lot of strain on your ankles & knees.

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Wearing high heels is also a really bad idea. When you wear high heels, your heels are lifted up causing your weight bearing line to tip forward, making your body have to work harder to hold your knees straight, this causes the patella or the knee cap to rub against the femur or thigh bone which then leads to knee pain.

According to a new study from scientists at Stanford University, walking in heels that are three inches or higher puts high levels of strain on the knees, which can cause the joints to age prematurely. In some cases, it can even lead to osteoarthritis.

The fix: Try to walk barefoot whenever and wherever you can (wherever clean that is..) and if you do wear shoes, wear ones that are comfortable and are not too tight or have a high arch. Avoid high heels altogether…. you already read why.



  • Bad form during exercise:

Exercising is a good thing, but when done in a wrong way can lead to more harm than good. Performing squats, leg presses, lunges or even exercises like overhead militarty press inaccurately can lead to pain in the low back or knees.

The fix: While performing exercises such as squats (with or wothout weights) keep in mind to initiate the movement by hinging the hip first (you must only strt the movement with the hip and not do a full hip hinge, do it without leaning forward too much) rather than starting the movement by bending your knees.

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You can do knee dominant squats IF you’re an athlete or you’ve been training regulary and your body is in a fit condition do to so; but this blog is for the general public, people who are new to weight training. Exercise regularly and strengthen the muscles that support your knees (exercises like leg extensions help)



  • Being overweight or obese:

Being overweight or obsese is also a major cause of knee pain. The more weight you gain, the more pressure you put on your knees and with each kilogram, the pressure on your knees icreases tremendously. Excess weight puts additional stress on weight-bearing joints, mainly the knees, back, and feet, it also causes inflammation and swelling of the joints, causing immobility and pain.

The fix: You might think about losing weight by jogging, running or doing jump rope

but if you carry a lot of weight and do not have enough leg and knee strength, doing the above will do more bad to your knees than good as it is impactful on the knees.

You can start to lose weight by walking first and taking care of your diet. Talk to a professional trainer or a health coach about the best way to get into shape withoit hurting your body.

So… in conclusion, avoid things that could be potentially harmful to your joints and health. Take care of your joints, keep them strong and make some lifestyle changes that will help you to be fit.



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Satish KN · April 23, 2022 at 9:08 pm

Very insightful Zaid, most of the health disorders we are facing in this modern age is cause of Lifestyle issues, knee pain is one of them .. most of us have forgotten the very purpose of us having 2 legs, we hardly use them nowadays … N wen we use .. it’s not right way most of the time .. Anyways thanks for sharing this blog. Hope u write many more blogs on many more issues.

    Zaid · April 25, 2022 at 2:18 pm

    You’re absolutely right Sir, we do need to understand the importance of taking care of our body. Thank you for taking out the time to read the blog and sharing your thoughts, glad you found it useful.

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