Are you a newbie skeptical about going to the gym?? Do your parents stop you from working out and say that it stops your height?? 

This article explains about the link between weight lifting and height and how this myth became so widespread.

A lot of people have this misconception that weight lifting makes them short/ stops their height from growing.
This is one of the most common myth among people, not only in India, but also around the world.
But where did this myth actually come from??

This myth was actually the result of study

This myth originated in Japan in around 1964, when a group of researches studying growth in teenagers, 

Noticed that kids who performed heavy labour were comparatively shorter in stature than other children of the same age.

And hence they hypothesised


Lifting heavy objects stops your height from growing or in simple words…
Makes you short.

This hypothesis was widely accepted and people started believing that lifting weights actually stops your height. 

But it turns out that these “researchers” were wrong!!

Talk about not doing your homework 🙃

These researchers stated that lifting heavy objects stops your height, but a lot of factors were not taken into consideration…

While it was true that the labour kids were shorter than other kids, just moving heavy objects was not the cause.
These kids were
1) Malnourished
2) Did not get adequate sleep
3) Were being overworked
4) Didn’t get enough rest throughout the day
5) And also were under a lot of stress
Which hindered growth in these kids.

So it would be safe to say that a moderate workout for an hour a day doesn’t stop your height.

Although working out doesn’t stop your height from growing, I suggest you don’t perform heavy exercises that put a lot of strain on your spine; like Heavy overhead military press

Heavy squats

 Heavy deadlifts.

As long as you don’t go too heavy on these lifts, it’s ok
And I personally never felt that my height isn’t growing, despite lifting heavy.
So relax


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